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I have known and been involved professionally with Dave Boraman for the past 9 years. I have utilised the services of Boraman Consultants since their commencement in May 2005. The main service utilised is the provision of hydrology analysis on streams and rivers during resource consent investigations for the majority of my clients. This firstly involves the experience and guidance of Boraman Consultants as to how to gather the required data in a practical and cost effective manner. Once the data is in hand, analysis is often required to challenge planned minimum flows, determine reliability of supply and storage requirements. The data collections and analysis must be to a standard to assist during the resource consent hearing process.

At times I have also required Boraman Consultants Ltd to carry investigations and assist/mediate with several clients on the one river/stream to ensure fair minimum flows and monitoring for all parties involved. Boraman Consultants services are also utlised for water quality testing for pre-consent investigations and on-going compliance monitoring.

I have found the friendly team at Boraman Consultants to always be completely professional, flexible and easy to deal with whilst providing a very high standard of work. The hydrology analysis provided is consistently thorough and scientifically robust which is essential for the resource consent hearing process. Not only this, it is done in a manner which meets the needs of the client in terms of what they are trying to achieve practically and tailored to their budget. The service provided is always excellent value for money and I would certainly recommend their services.

Haidee McCabe





Horizons Regional Council

Dave and the Boraman Consultants team have been undertaking data verification and correction services for Horizons Regional Council since July 2005. Dave is able to draw on his extensive knowledge in environmental monitoring techniques to efficiently and effectively undertake this work to a very high standard. I also utilise Dave’s high level of skills in hydrology to train our own data analysts. I am very pleased with the service provided by Boraman Consultants and am more than happy to recommend their services in the environmental monitoring field.

Jared Halstead Team, Leader Hydrology, Horizon Regional Council

Rangitata Diversion Race

The Rangitata Diversion Race (‘RDR’) is found in Mid-Canterbury. It is the largest multiple water supply conduit in New Zealand. It services some 64,0000ha of irrigation, 2 hydro power stations and delivers stock water to the district. Its replacement value is set at around $95M. The infrastructure it services is valued at a further $300M. Boraman Consultants has been RDR’s hydrological and environmental data consultant since 2005. They have provided day-to-day advice on hydrological data collection and processing and have developed water use and operational databases using TIDEDA and HillTop software. Their advice has been integral component of the continuing successful cost effective operation and maintenance of the RDR

John Young, Company Manager, Rangitata Diversion Race Management Ltd

R J Hall Civil and Structural Engineers

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