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Open Channel flow monitoring
Pipe flow monitoring/ logging/ Pump Calibrations
Compliance Monitoring
Water Quality
• Resource Consent Investigations
• Reliability Investigations
Flow monitoring Equipment

Open Channel Flow Measurement/ Monitoring

We measure open channel flow for many reasons:
• Flow monitoring of irrigation schemes for compliance purposes
• To check for losses within an irrigation scheme
• Water Resource assessments for reliability
• In stream measurements to check minimum flow compliance

Flow Measurement
We measure flow in open channel irrigation races, rivers and streams. This is done using traditional flow measurement techniques to international and New Zealand standards, these have been specified by both NIWA and Regional Councils. Local standards can be found in Environment Canterbury’s NRRP.

Stage measurement
This is measuring the water level height using either a float and counterweight type water level sensor or a pressure type sensor. The water level is usually recorded every 15 minutes as a logger attached to the sensor. The height data is then converted into flow record using a stage/discharge curve. We also can measure groundwater levels using similar methods.

Stage discharge relationships
This is achieved by measuring flows at different water level heights, a curve is established as a mean of the measurements. The curve is then applied to stage record, to generate a flow record.

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Pipe Flow Monitoring/ Logging/ Calibrations

We can download your flow loggers and report the information to you. Alternatively you can utilise our web server and have the information provided directly via the web. We also carry spare Hydroflow flowloggers - if yours is found to be faulty we will contact you while on site and arrange the replacement while yours is away being repaired. This saves another field visit, saving both time and money. This keeps the authorities happy as you can remain compliant by having a working logger in place.

For manual downloads we store the logger information on our database. This is reported to you initially and you have time to peruse the information before it is forwarded on to the authorities 14 days later. The authorities then check your compliance and you will receive an annual report from them.

• You take control of you own monitoring
• You get to see the information prior to your compliance report
• If you become aware of non-compliance before the authorities you have an opportunity to amend you practices.
• We group clients together to optimize travel for the downloads

If you would like to take advantage of this service download and print the application form (here), complete it and mail or email back to us.

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Compliance Monitoring

We have developed a database that automates the compliance checking process of Resource consent conditions. We load the conditions specific to the individuals resource consents and then load the flowlogger/ waterlevel data in and check against the compliance. This report cuts down the amount of time regional council staff require to check your consent conditions. This method of reporting has been approved by Environment Canterbury, and is to be favorably recognized by them as the irrigator taking a pro-active role in self monitoring.

Click (here), to download an example of the compliance report that Boraman Consultants can produce.

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Water Quality

We currently sample and send away for analysis all types of water quality tests.
We use Cawthron institute in Nelson for the analysis and reporting of all our water quality samples. We use standard collection methods.

We sample for:
• Compliance checks relating to resource consents
• Discharged water meets compliance standards
• Complaints for discharged water
• Checks for drinking water standards
• Heavy Metals, relating to timber treatment.
• Plant matter, relating to Algal bloom

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Flow Monitoring Equipment

We keep regular contact with our suppliers and welcome their input on new developments with equipment. We sell all types flow monitoring, loggers and telemetry equipment.

We are also suppliers of the many types of flow loggers and meters on the market.

Our equipment comes with a 1 year warranty through our suppliers

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We are currently setting up a system, where you may opt to have your data brought back to our database, and you can view your reports online.

This is useful for those operating with consent conditions that require day to day monitoring. This can also be a useful tool for on-farm management.
Data can be kept confidential, requiring a username/ password to access the information.

We can monitor:
• Water level
• Pump flow rates
• Soil moisture
• Rainfall
• Wind speed/Direction
• Water Quality Parameters

This service will be operating in the very near future, please inquire if you are interested.